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This place is so pretty in the spring.

We are always seeing  something new.

Buds appear to swell up just waiting for

that moment when it will be safe to open.

Mother Nature has played many bad tricks

in the past but this year I will enjoy her


First to Bloom is the


Why do I always feel the need to get the camera and take 50+ photos of them?

They bloom each year without fail.   I guess it is because I really no longer enjoy

the cold nasty New England weather as I once did as a child.

I love springtime

I love the birds that grace our yard with their young.

I LOVE baby Hummingbirds

They remind me of all the trouble their parents go through to arrive here and set up a nest and call our yard their

summer place.

What I really like is that I am not threatening to them

They know they are safe here.

Well as long as I keep my Cat

under control as she loves her home too!

I do have a bossy girl in our Border Collie JT though who will keep her in line

So with the yard full of life and camera battery charged

I am ready for the NEXT Visitor!


11 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. Love your photos! I’m not a photographer…I love playing with photoshop. But other than that, I’m not sure about your question, so will leave it for someone who knows. But I think they’re beautiful! Especially love the one with the butterfly.

    1. Thank you Anne.
      Yes I really do not know anything about that computer program as my computer is an old relic lol So I will wait to see if any of the Experts who use Photoshop can tell me what it can do to make my photos better, good idea THANKS again.

      1. Oh, if you’re asking about what Photoshop can do, it can do a whole lot! I misunderstood and thought you were asking about things other than photoshop. You can do all sorts of clearing photos up, removing shadows you don’t want, you can even create pictures by putting different things together…kind of a cut and past thing I guess. I don’t do that. LOL My husband did it sometimes though. You can create paint or sketch effects, different textures…frames…so many things. I LOVE photoshop! If you look through some of my blogs, I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I was posting a bunch of old photos that I had enhanced with photoshop to make them look new again.

  2. Such a pleasant blog. Came over from BoomieBol. Just knew your blog would be good, just like hers. Thanks for being on WordPress. Please forgive my intrusion as an uninvited guest…

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