I have been given  the One Lovely Blog Award!
I was given this award  by EK Phototography&Art

Thank  You So much!

Seven things about me
I use to drive the Big Rigs(for 27 years) when females never did, which was really FUN!

I love my pets  as well as most animals, there is always the exception though like when the move in without an invite.

I have always loved the man I am now sharing my life with(apart for 30+years)prayers have truly been answered in my life.

I love my son more than he will ever know.

I love taking pictures(somehow I bet you knew that, lol)


I am on a Weight Watcher’s Journey, down 60 so far!

I am nominating the blogs below for the award as well

OK  this is hard to just pick the required amount so I won’t

I will instead tell each and every one of you who I follow

that I enjoy this world of “Blogging” with YOU ALL.

I am new and getting the hang of it VERY SLOWLY.

Thanks for the feedback on my posts.

I have a lot of STUFF in this head of mine and if I can find the time and courage, through you, I too  will  bloom  into someone whom you can not wait to read a new “POST” from.

Peace & Love to each of you.

I continue to be BLESSED