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Zany for Zinnias

I realy try to keep this place we call home pretty no mater what season, but with ten years of horrible flooding(due to one simple beaver dam)and having FEMA help me as well as the state, I try to honer all that I have had help with by making this place nice to look at, as well as food for the birds and insects(as long as they don’t eat the HOUSE!

So attached are some photos of the Zinnias I plant from seed each year to later be devoured by the wildlife here.  Working together has always been MY PLAN!



This Zinnia looks as if it was spray painted and the Red is aout to drip off the petal.



I usually buy packages of mixed seeds so I am never sure how they will look, but in nature they all seem to go together.















As always I am not alone in enjoying each and every one of them!

Hope there was ONE one enjoyed as well!



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