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I Love Heron, gators not so much


We watched this bird as it hunted for food and caught a fish!


We wondered if it had young it was feeding, in the grassy area just out of my reach with the camera..


I have these birds here in my stream in NH but this area is perfect for viewing them in action, no wonder the  State of Florida made a  pull off area here..


Now he sees us, he better pay attention.


Yikes!  Lurking and watching and probably hunting too.  I would never cut it as a wildlife photographer I would close my eyes  and miss the Kill Shots


A beautiful view on our Easter trip with Mom, who had never been to the Everglades area of FL.

Here are  some other locals who wanted their photos taken.


So pretty this bird is all shimmer and Brown in color.


This bird was so vocal.  Drumming and signing.  He like the camera or us.


Not threatened by us, maybe we were their protection, lol .  We still were not ALONE


In just over a half hour, we saw so much in just one spot along Alligator Alley


Yes a Vulture too


Since we are on our third day of record heat I decided to share this place I love in Florida.  It is important to have wild and scenic spots so you can reflect on what is really important in your life.

That day we were about to get hit by a bad hail storm so I took roads  that got us out of harms way to which my Mom said ” I do not know how you drove in that!”  Finally a little appreciation for my brains and Driving ability!  lol

Stop along a road some day on a trip and see what you can see and don’t forget to SHARE WITH ME!

7 thoughts on “I Love Heron, gators not so much”

    1. I was talking to another Blogger who did a piece on FL birds and told him I would share my Heron Shots I never saw how big our Gators body was though lol They are crazy strong! Thanks for coming and looking at my photos too

      1. You’re welcome. The rest of mine will be up on Monday. I’m thinking the gators and the herons go together maybe because the gators eat the herons? They live in the same habitat anyway. Where I live in Michigan we have plenty of herons, but no gators.

      2. We have Great Blue Heron here in our yard in NH and lately people have been throwing their unwanted gators into our LOCAL NH PONDS NUT what you can catch these days while fishing in New England LOL

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