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A Border Collie loves to be busy






She Loves being in mid-air, I am the one with her toy so after I toss it I quickly bring the camera up and try to capture her catches we work good  together


I always let her have her rest.


I am sure you can tell she is loved and cared for.

Yesterday we took her for a long ride, in the new truck.

We timed it so we could hit a local beach that would allow her to play, as long as she was on a leash, I must remember to buy one of those long leads.  I had her leash that goes out and winds back up but it was so hard to play in the surf with her on it.  I was afraid I would be brought down by her doing her  BC moves,  All was good she was so happy and so many made comments about what a joy it was to watch such a happy dog.  That she is ,as long as she is with us and PLAYING ,lol.  Thanks for checking out my photos of her.


5 thoughts on “A Border Collie loves to be busy”

  1. I have a purebred rough collie, very small for her breed; she was the runt of the litter and the owner/breeder was thinking of euthanizing her because she didn’t match AKC show standards. The minute I saw her, I knew I had to have her. We play frisbee every day — and I do mean every single day. No frisbee = remorseful looks, long, pathetic sighs, and a sad, droopy dog. Frisbee = ecstatic, leaping, tongue-flapping joyousness, barely possible to describe. No dog I have ever known is so happy, tireless, exuberant. Your photos of your dog leaping up gracefully to pick the frisbee out of the air are exactly my Annie’s ballet
    moves every evening.

    Lots of things in life give me as much pleasure as my dog, but none of them do so as dependably, abundantly, and joyously as my dog!

    1. If this is a repeat message I am sorry I wrote and then it was GONE!

      I love that you love your little girl as much as we do ours.
      We paid the $350 they were asking strangers for their pups friend or no friend I wanted her to have a blessed life and not to be a Mom over and over. I had her fixed. She is the light of my life. I am in bad pain daily and she knows when it is impossible for me to bend one more time and as I sit to play she still hands her toy to me.

      I had no need to have another pet really instead of naming her JT(after the mother and father dogs) I should have called her NEVER as after the last of my 5 dogs passed away from a good long life I swore NEVER AGAIN would I loose another piece of my heart. Who knew she would just make my heart sing. Well you do. I can tell. Things happen for a reason I no longer question it any more she was meant for us and we her.

      Thank you for sharing your story and commenting on our little girls love of PLAY
      She hates when she has to wait for me to take her photo 🙂

      Keep in touch I love people who share their lives with BC’s 🙂

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