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They brought their little ones.

I am blessed.

This proves it.  My yard has everything they need to munch on and feel safe as well.

I love when the Moms take them out on a field trip and they pick our yard!

Not many photos as I wanted them to get used of us.





A new family to raise.

Soon our place will be filled with  Wild Turkey.




11 thoughts on “They brought their little ones.”

      1. I taught in the mountains east of San Diego,which was surrounded by a cattle ranch. We actually had rafter of wild turkeys which lived there and would run across the various ball fields. 😎 Never did see them in the quad though. 😎 You picture brought back memories. 😎 I retired last year.

      2. we go over to Quartzite and Stanton AZ on this side of the mountains some winters and stay in a tent, nice to see the different wildlife from other parts of our country.

      3. I love all of the west been an over the road trucker so everything but the skinny skinny roads I have seem. We hunt for GOLD so there are good areas and not so good.

        You really must come see the original 13 colonies You will adore our New England Charm

    1. Thanks for reading my post. We do love when they all bring their young to our yard. I know we are doing something right here. With a dog and cat beside us the cluck away as the chicks and pullets play. They pay me back with photo ops and much less ticks in the yard

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