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Nubble Light

One of my favorite places to stop at in Maine is Nubble.

A very famous Lighthouse, they say many photos are

taken here and these above are mine from just one day there.

I spend anywhere from a few minuets to an hour here.

Summer, winter or fall it doesn’t matter.  I have always been drawn to this special place.

There are a few granite benches here, with names of loved ones who have left

loving families behind.  I always wanted this place to be my final resting spot and

to have my name and the names of each of my dogs, that spent time with me  here,

left on a bench for friends and family  to sit upon and view what I saw beautiful,

maybe pull out their camera and snap a photo of this glorious spot, along  the rocky shoreline.

There have been many storms that battered this beautiful spot but she has withstood

the fury  they brought as have I.  We are a testament of strength and  good construction, lol

So if you find yourself taking a trip to this beautiful State of Maine, please stop and

see it in person.  OK take a photo too and check out the benches .

There is a place for ice cream or Lobster if you go during summer but if you are like me and love going for a ride on a beautiful

fall day or a stormy winter morning this place will still be there, above the sea, helping keep

the ships below safe.


18 thoughts on “Nubble Light”

    1. Always a special place for us when we lived in New England. First time I ever went on a motorcycle ride with my husband was to Nubble Light. Great pictures!!

      1. Thanks Bev! I too have had some wonderful rides , on assorted bikes, to this place in my neck of the woods. I remember taking Tyler and Steven one night when it was hot and humid ,no AC at house, Dave and I packed up the boys and dogs and we went for a ride in van with AC to this spot and sat on the rocks and let the cool Atlantic breezes make us feel better. It was 3 AM on our way back home, boys happy for the adventure of a nightime ride. We were actually so cool there that we needed to use the blanks I bought for them. Such wonderful memories this place holds for me. I hope they, as they are now grown, get to do it someday with their babies and remember me.

  1. Wonderful Pictures. I saw that you came to visit my blog I would love to keep in touch with a fellow beader. I have one piece of advice to pass along, check into Copyrighting your materials, everything from your blog to your jewelry designs, especially before posting them on forums. I use to do that. If you notice on all of my pictures you will see MCN:XXXXXXXXX that is my copyrights so that way I can keep my designs and techniques safe and original. Anyway if you liked my stuff on the blog check out my facebook that is some more of my items. And if you want to exchange links we can that way our readers can take advantage of both our wonderful sites 🙂

      1. If you are looking to do a watermark and dont have the expensive photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop there is a really awesome website that is an online version of it that allows you to do just about everything that PS allows you to do, and you can save your pictures to an online album and post them directly to Facebook 🙂 I am all about free!

      2. just copy and paste it into your address bar and it will take you there. Once on the page press the CTRL button and D if on a PC if on a Mac then Option D should do it, not sure 🙂

    1. It is beautiful. I have always wanted to visit Maine. I live in the Pacific North West in a town called Port Townsend, which is a postcard town filled with a rich history, and lovely Victorian homes, sea ports, ship yards, lush green forests, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. Google Image search Port Townsend WA and see some of the pictures that show up. I love it so much here vs Los Angeles, CA where im originally from. If you have seen Twilight, my backyard is Forks and Port Angeles 🙂

      1. well if you need help with it, im pretty good with digital images and things like that and can help you put it all together. Email me and we can talk more so we aren’t filling your comment section up with our back and forth banter 🙂

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