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Originally posted on 20 Lines A Day:

Welcome one and all to the 20 lines or less weekly challenge . We hope all play along , I also ask you to please reblog this to your own blogs so we can get the word out . Please get your submissions in we have one more day …Thanks 

The winner will get this award  to post their own blog proudly.

Please post to this site if you can , post any form of poetry or short story’s or pics . If you cant post to this site leave a link or post in  these comments and it will be posted for you

The prompt for this week is

The ocean 

Thank you for all the submissions we get and for playing along

The submissions so far

  1. Anne Sikes
  2. nutsfortresure
  3. writerwannabe763
  4. timzauto
  5. The Laundry Maid
  6. maggie
  7. beebeesworld
  8. howanxious


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