I think after weigh-in today I shall sit outside and enjoy the rain over my head while I play with wire and Sea glass.

I am thinking  of some pretty earrings,  if I can find pieces from my collection that will work as a pair.

I will also work on caged beads for earrings too.

With rains last night and some still to fall today, I  must wait to add more paint, to this old home of mine.

Miss my beading.   I have been so busy with life.  Must get back into the groove  so I will have items to

offer for holiday shoppers.

I am going to do more of the beading I love, which is Kumihimo.  I will shoot for Neutrals for bracelets and

necklaces. I hardly ever do necklaces  and I am finding only some people actually like things on their

wrists..  Who knew, lol I love them on mine!

I will try to do a blog showing the steps of making something pretty from beginning to end.



Have agreat day!