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Seen as a weed by most I welcome them in me yard I love how pretty they are as they start to bloom


20 thoughts on “Tall”

    1. I have a hill I sprayed with wildflower seeds and I let them grow big and strong and showy there. I have had so much land cleared after having huge pines taken down to protect my home and barn that one embankment ended up with wildflowers and weeds another berm area I am trying to grow sun loving perennials but berries want to keep growing in I let them till this fall and I will move them to a better spot. I want to grow a English Garden here up against the new dark brown paint I am putting on the house it has been Turquoise for so may years I hope I like the change I am a BRIGHT PERSON lol colors I love but went with Brown so color would pop

      1. Yes and I took out tripod to see if I can get better shots then to get seeds started for the majority of English Garden Plants I will put into a new area this will keep me busy and in pain but busy 🙂

      2. YES with each pound I drop I feel more motivated and every moment spent with camera birds,flowers, color makes me happy not the same as in my rig because I had lots of money then but I had no ME Time and I have ONLY that now. I am blessed with what I have it just took awhile after the accident to see it.

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