I was in the kitchen tonight,  trying to get supper done just in case a tornado actually did form or if we lost our power, when my sweetheart told me to get my camera but to hurry.

I had no idea what was going to be in our backyard this time, we do get many visitors.

I stepped into the next room and there is three female turkeys and each had many little ones with them but this one came to the door like she wanted to show me.  I snapped the photo then

put camera down, just to watch them.  They were all healthy looking but Moms looked kind of thin so I left the doorway and went to get the bag of cracked corn.  I stepped outside to feed

them, they were skittish and moved a little distance away but with storms on the way nature takes over.  I sat with my COOL Cat and watched the Mom turkeys with their young.  They

walked up to the woods all thirty to forty of them.  What a sight.  Hope they come in from the woods in the morning,  maybe I will get them on video this time.

Here is the mother and her babies she brought right up to our back door.