JT and I would start each day with a walk out here,  in Stanton  Arizona.

After sleeping in a tent all night and everyone off on 4 wheelers metal detecting, we were

able to go exploring with a camera,  for our own treasure.


It is so peaceful out here in the desert.  My favorite time to arrive is between Thanksgiving and

Christmas and stay until the days are so warm you know the rattlers will be out on a steady basis.


The way  I saw it, there must have been more than a few in these parts

or there would be no need for a sign like this.



The scenery was stunning and I could so easily become a snow bird in this area of our country.



This was our home away from  home

Away from high NH heating bills and where temps in December go into the 60’s and 70’s

though the winds at times out here were  blowing 60+ mph.  We were glad to have our van

to retreat into when they  blew through.


Each night as we sat in front of the fire,  that we had just cooked our supper on , this would appear before

us.  Life is good.




So if you ever get a chance to head down to the southwest area of our country grab a tent

and the rest of you gear and pick a spot out on BLM land and make it your home for a few weeks.

Try your hand at prospecting for Gold, take photos of the new things you will see then

share your trip with me.  I know you will love it if you have a sense of adventure and do not require a

Wal-Mart close by,  as in our case it was 45 min or more once we turned on to the roadway outside

of  area we were camping.  I went out once a week to shop and do laundry.  Life can be so simple.

Take some time to get away from the rat race and enjoy your life it is the only one you have.