Well this blog will begin with I HAD NO IDEA what was lurking in the kitchen window.

We go between open windows then closed, with AC on.

All summer it has been beautiful here in New England, well except the many downpours.

I went into start washing the dishes I had soaking while I had my morning coffee and I see this movement out of the

corner of my eye.  It was a huge  skeeter hanging and dangling is a spider’s web.  So what did the spider look like that was going to

eat this catch or could we be bit too?  I have had one bite already and I am all set,  it was horrible pain and bad swelling for 10 days.

So I run for the camera he runs for the bug zapper!

Here is what was unfolding in front of me at the kitchen sink.  I will seal around all windows as soon as the rain stops .



Ge’ez where do they hunt at night while we sleep?