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A friends Koi pond at feeding time.

Boy are they BIG

She keeps them alive or tries to,  in the basement of her

house,  in tubs with air .


Yesterday I blogged  “Bedroom with a view”  about the

Great Blue Heron and then another blogger   motherhoodisanart

told me how much a Heron loved her Koi too.


This blogging reminded me of my friend,  who called early one morning a few years ago,

crying. I asked her if she was OK and if there was anything I could do

to help.  She stopped crying and said “Yes, come get your DAMN Heron” lol

sorry for laughing but MY HERON,  seems my river hunter was tired of  all the flooding and  with water to deep ,

as well as full of Beaver #&%#,   he went down the street to a nice clean pond

and proceeded to catch and eat…

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