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Needing Equal Time

Demands Equal Time


Just another shot of our cat.

Yes I was playing with this print as well.

It’s not your eyes lol


She is 12 and so smart.

The best part about her is she loves us as much as we love her

Worst part she insists on leaving all kills under MY CHAIR

Our home and yard are so big for just one kitty but after her twin

went missing  these two pets will be my last.


I will work at shelters finding great homes for others in need.

Today though with both at me feet, I will just LOVE them.


13 thoughts on “Needing Equal Time”

    1. Thanks so much lol I do have photos of her messing with a string I tie to back of chair but this time she is just washing up and I only colored her tongue 🙂

  1. My daughter is studying to become a vet and she wants to specialize in shelter medicine. So that’s a wonderful thing you’re doing by adopting those animals as well as thinking about working at a shelter at some point. I have an eleven year old Bichon and a cat who adopted us (he wasn’t feral and wonderfully remembered all his house manners)…and they both fight for “equal LOVE time” with us LOL.

    1. Thanks for knowing just what I meant

      This cat was but 3 weeks old and I cared her and her
      sister and was so sad when Blues went missing. We will never know if it was the owl or a hawk or even a fox sadly she was just the sweetest little girl and loved dogs so her sister here was all I had left and some say they should not be allowed out but she was born in a barn and unwanted so she is a hunter and keeps our place mole and mouse free.

      I will miss having pets but I will fill my life making a difference trying to place them with loving familes. I always wanted to be a vet but I knew I would take them all home with me lol

      Love from me and my JT and Rythem xo

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