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Playing with Polymer

Learning to play, again









future jewelry


I took another class as part of the Master Beading Course I am in and I am having fun when I finish these and other pieces I did,  I will share with you.






20 thoughts on “Playing with Polymer”

  1. My kids and I played with Sculpey and Fimo, mostly to make little figures, or tiny foods for our dollhouse. But I have seen elaborate beads made of it, and I have always wondered how it was done. I hope you do a future post about your jewelry making!

      1. I am searching for PASTA MACHINE used as that is how I Roll 🙂 it will make it so much easier I learned how to make canes,form beads and to make slices I am HOOKED looking for 50% coupon at craft stores and Sales on Premo and Sculpey

      2. Nice I have been holding off looking for a used pasta machine to condition the clay with. So show me what you do with YOUR COLORS 🙂

        I have black,orange and white still to learn with here but I see a new addiction coming on 🙂


  2. Wow! Ain’t that bootiful! as they say in Norfolk (UK) where I used to live. The cross-section reminds me of ‘millefiori’ (Italian: thousand flowers), made from cutting across glass rods.

    1. Thanks I made earring with the cane shown here but for some reason forgot to check them for upload 😦

      The ones I showed here were pieces from each of the other two ladies who were in class with me we all made a mash of each others colors FUN I brought Orange,White and Black as Halloween was upon us 🙂

      Love this new way to play

  3. such a creative lady! Love the colors and the patterns – maybe sometime when you swing by my blog, scope out Stega Jewelery – she’s linked on my sidebar. A wonderful, interesting lady who’s completely in love with beading…
    Hope you’re well, Eunice. Are you doing that nano-thing?
    My youngest daughter and I put on our pjs last night and camped out in my study (okay, that’s my bedroom) and wrote away… what a blast!
    Take care,

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