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Almost Done

Today I got a batch of Polymer Clay Beads ready for the oven then when cooled and sanded I placed some on head pins and ear wires. TAKE A LOOK I will be doing more for Holiday Sales



Polymer Beads

I baked then in a pie plate of Cornstarch


Time to rinse them



Ready for some sanding


Orange and White Swirl


I used scrap Black and white with a touch of clay with shimmer mixed and cut and rolled and this is what I ended up with.



Orange and Black Swirls


Brown with small amount of color





So pretty so unplanned I love Happy Accidents









Had fun even though the  weather was cold and wet.





49 thoughts on “Almost Done”

    1. Thanks so much!
      I did not know what to expect really being my first try at this
      My teacher told me I can buff them to a shine I may with next ones but I shall wear the grey ones and I can pull these off 🙂


    1. Thanks! I have a bead group meeting in AM tomorrow and had to use Gray or Silver in a project for our Challenge I thought this would fit the bill!

      Yes I love them too and I took the class just 3 days before Halloween which us why I used those colors 🙂

  1. Absolutely marvellous to see, better than reading those blogs of stolen pictures and reuters stories full on re-posted blogs.
    creativity certainly has not ended here yet 🙂 Glad to see something refershing.

    1. Thanks I forgot some beads so there will be a PART TWO and I will show what I did today as well 🙂 it is coming up to the holidays and I must get items ready for people to fall in love with 🙂

    1. Good question as it is messy! All I know is the books say cornstach or baking soda I think it is really poisonous if they burn and maybe it is to keep them off the pan I cook them in I know I can use a mandrel and string beads onto it and suspend on a bead rack.

      You can never use something for Polymer then for any other cook, rolling ETC safe if I cook it right no fumes toxic unless it burns so temp is watched with timer and two gauges to tell the temp 🙂 I will see her tomorrow and ASK HER 🙂

    1. Are you kidding me this was my first time with any kind of clay since I played with PLAY DOUGH back when I was what 10 lol

      Thanks for the compliment I do love what I have tried so far 🙂

      Now to find a used pasta machine cheap then to pick some pretty colors and some Mica powders this is just me restraining myself from another addiction I have so much glass and beads I have yet to use up 🙂

    1. Thanks not really I just am now learning to relax and feel less pain by staying busy well that is when I do not spend all day with friends such as you are on my BLOG 🙂
      Thanks for enjoying the post I am trying to sell all earrings for like $6 to $8 hope they like them 🙂

    1. 🙂 I make earrings for non-pierced too 🙂 bracelets and necklaces check out tab for Jewelry 🙂 I had been 40 years with no crafting so I am just learning ou can teach a OLD DOG new TRICKS! 🙂

      and Thank You very much 🙂

  2. The polymer is beautiful. I’d like to try it, and introduce it to our Jewelry Workshop, but I’m concerned about whether it is toxic and damaging to the oven.

    1. It is toxic if you burn it and really you should not dry sand always wet sand with proper grit 400 or 600 is what I have been trying
      Buy a used toaster over and a new thermometer to make sure temp in oven is correct
      for 1/4 thick piece at 275 it takes 20-30 min so load up a tray get it to the right temp place it in side and set the timer of toaster oven and your real stove so you do not forget and you should be finer So many books on it I only took one class I am still playing :)|

      1. Thanks Eunice – the used toaster oven is a great solution. Now, I just wonder if it could be used to anneal some wrapping wire, or whether it would not be hot enough.

    1. lol I am just learning to play again so I am still going in so many directions 🙂 It is more like just healing myself 🙂
      Thanks for enjoying the post 🙂 I just got my pasta machine from a friend I can’t wait to get a C Clamp tomorrow and make some pretty things 🙂

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