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Land in Trust I Think NOT

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6 thoughts on “Land in Trust I Think NOT”

  1. Sad what progress leads to. Here in Greorgia for every tree the pulp mills and lumber companies cut down, they must plant 2 trees, that’s the law, sigh . . . not much comfort. On the same subject experts say that people have been planting tiny little bamboo shoots out of doors which in six of seven years are growing to become forests of bamboo. In my state we’ve always had the Georgia pines. Bamboo is killing it and eventually our whole country will be nothing but bamboo. That’s sad too. One of my pet peeves, sigh . . . (again).

    1. Yes our timber industry up here has to follow the same rules as GA and I know and love your state. This is a conservation department that was entrusted to care for the land . I will see what can be done to stop it as am an abuter So much can be made using Bamboo but it can become very invasive but so can’t Butterfly Bushes 🙂 We have some Bamboo up here in New England but not the kind as you can grow down there.

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