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Snow Flurries on the Trail



4 thoughts on “Snow Flurries on the Trail”

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I saw your caption on my reader first and thought that you were warning people about SNOW FLURRIES being everywhere. I got a good chuckle when I clicked through and saw that you meant to warn people about coyotes instead!

    You’re right – people need to be aware when walking/hiking in wooded areas and remember that we place ourselves in “wild animal territory”. We need to respect their environment to ensure our safety. =)

    1. I hate the WHITE STUFF lol but we were to get flurries 🙂 here in NH in November that is not strange but yes lol Coyotes are nuts in these parts now so much so we allowed to hunt 365 days a year to thin them. They attack pets while on leashes walking with owners Adults attacked while out jogging or walking and Children have been attacked in their yards so yes a Heads Up

      Thanks for you post it was TIMELY for New England


      1. We currently have a “cull” going on for coyotes up here in Nova Scotia, too. I don’t know if it’s year round, but I know people are getting paid to hunt them (I think they receive $20 a pelt). I feel kind of bad that they’re being hunted because it’s us going into their wilderness, but at the same time them attacking pets and children shouldn’t be tolerated.

        I’m just going to make sure I keep an eye out when I’m out hiking the trails! =)

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