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Me and My Little Camera Won!





No not really a competition for photographers,  this day was all about the dogs but him with his BIG CAMERA, didn’t capture THIS FACE!  I was far away using zoom on a day it was pouring out too boot.  While waiting for my little girl to compete, in her very first Toss and Catch competition I filled in hours of waiting with taking photos of  the most expert of dogs doing their thing but JT won 1st and 4th on her two tries,  yes we were so proud of her and the patience she showed that day was amazing! She laid and watched all that went before her.  What a special dog she is but have you ever heard of a Border Collie who sits still,  lol we still smile at the very thought of that rainy day.

Take your dog out sun or rain they don’t mind honest,  they just want to play with you.



19 thoughts on “Me and My Little Camera Won!”

  1. so cool – and congrats to JT! Rock on!

    Our dog, Maggie, is half border collie, half lab. She was bred and sold by people who believed those two types should mesh well. So, now we have a water-loving, non-stick chaser – oops! They missed the mark on THAT one. Throw a stick or ball or toy for Maggie and she’ll sit there, look at you and say. “Well, you threw it. Go get it.”
    Never had such a stubborn dog in my life.
    Still, she stays close to the house and never wanders. We don’t have to keep her on a leash. She has no collar marking.
    Dogs are wonderful and I’m glad you have JT.

    1. Me too 🙂 JT always has her collar on as her Mommy is always breaking the DOG LAWS 🙂 Got prove she is better cared for than the Haters CHILDREN 🙂

      So you have a CHILL DOG nice! I have one that will work me to DEATH 🙂

      Love our furry babies


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