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Very Cold Jay










Low quality photos shot early morning through a window that faces the west.

I was cleaning the living room and watching the birds of all types flying to the ground grabbing a sunflower seed  I had spread out for them when I noticed this very cold, puffed up Blue Jay sitting in the Pear Tree.  I knew if I stepped outside they would all fly away and I know all about reflections from glass but he looked so pretty  I had to try to capture him.

I had been a horrible night icy branches and roads snow too.  I  went and filled the feeders really early so when they woke their high energy seeds would be waiting.  This one was conserving his energy even though there was food everywhere, it must have been a rough night.


20 thoughts on “Very Cold Jay”

  1. Oh that blue jay is so beautiful! They are so fluffy when they puff up. Great job on filling up those feeders, I do that to so the birds have something during these cold months. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty picture !! Very nice quality considering it was through a window !! We just moved from a house we bought in 2002 and I would sit at my desk and take pictures of the birds through my window, I had a bird bath right there and the squirels and birds woudl use it and never see me sitting there a few feet away, some came out good, and some did not, but yours is really nice !!
    I miss my window and view of that amazing yard and al my critters so much , but will probably not move back as the hour drive to work was getting to be too much for my husband, our kids are renting it so I still get to visit, but I sure miss my jays, cardinals, robins, wood peckers and other assorted birds and my squirriels, I love those squirrels !! Our daughter teased me for taking so many pictures of them !!

    1. Can’t get enough of their antics 🙂 I had one at the door teasing JT yesterday morning and I snuck up put my hand on the door knob and said JT you ready to chase the squirrels lol she was more than ready I wish I had had the camera ready it was too funny I whipped open that door so fast the Squirrel Leaped straight UP legs all tucked under and the dog was OFF! We were laughing so hard thank goodness we do not have neighbors still among the LIVING 🙂

  3. I love bluejays! They’re so pretty. One followed me for the duration of one whole trail while I was on a hike a couple of weeks ago – I tried to take a photo, but he was just too fast for me. Glad you could snap one, even if it was through a window!

    1. You can tell from my blog life outside the window always calls me
      Thanks so much for letting me knowyou enjoyed the photo I am thinking of adding it to my Zazzle store and make it available for cards etc. I love taking photos but never really thought others would like them which is the reason I set out to do a blog though now the reasons are all of you out there
      Thanks again
      I hate shoot through windows 😦

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