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Damn Dam


This has been here hiding in the woods since the 50’s

When you get close to the actual dam , it is posted  KEEP OUT

The woods before it were not


Now there is an old part and then another concrete structure that is very long and very tall, all it’s for is to hold water in the lake so they can boat and they drain it over and over into this small tiny stream each year so they do not have to pull their docks up and out of the way.

This stream is the one that makes my southern boundary, which is being destroyed .  Year after year so then can keep their stationary DOCKS.

I never knew that this was 3 miles out in the woods behind my property and if it failed it would be catastrophic, we would all die down stream in minutes.

Such a pretty place but they do not want to follow regulations the state wants them to.  I thought I had problems.  Well next I will  find out how often it is checked,  as our state is cutting budgets and bridges are crumbling  what about DAMS?




This section is about 200 yards downstream



Yes,  I worked my way around to a place where I could get a different view of a dam,  that could truly wipe us out downstream.  I am now scared as we have had a few earthquakes, a couple of tornadoes and many hurricanes and this sits 3 miles behind me


16 thoughts on “Damn Dam”

    1. I know but sadly it seems to be filling with not so smart people. lol
      I will give the photos of my flooding to the state agency that came to see it in person they are trying to make then refrain from drawing down the lake into our yards down stream
      I can not believe all the years I drove truck and worked 6 to 7 days a week 12 to 18 hrs a day I never knew what was behind me 😦
      It was a beautiful day as I worked my way through the woods to see THIS DAM I left him, the dog and bail money in the truck 🙂

  1. If it’s lasted since the 50s it will no doubt last another 50…. so don’t worry too much about it Eunice. It would still be interesting to know who’s responsible for the maintenance though.

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