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Family Of Three


14 thoughts on “Family Of Three”

  1. OMG, I love squirrels and these are adorable. We don’t have snow yet, which is really strange for our area. I was outside today sans a coat, (not quite beach weather though :grin : ). Usually I have loads of squirrels i the snow, but last year the snow did not come. This year looks to be headed the same. I love my furry and feathered friends in the snow too.

  2. I love your squirrels !! THat is a great picture of them !! I miss our squirrels so much !! I wouild spend hours at our old house watching them and taking pictures, still have some here at the apartment, but not the same !!
    Hey, I cannot find where you gave me your email, I really do want your help if the offer still stands. I have no idea how to accept or give awards and I want to be able to do both !! I am a complete newbie, think blogs for dummies, lol !!! I am trying to learn but it is all so hard , I learn better by being shown and most stuff I have to learn by reading so it just makes it harder, but I will learn , lol !!! Thanks !!

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