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Blues and Greens




No matter the weather

Sun or Clouds

I love this place so much

Wave after wave

Right on the heels of another



Spraying water  all around

I guess maybe I am drawn to the sea for her POWER

As it is so plain to see

Waves roll onto the shore after making their display

I really could just sit here with the camera

The dog too

All day

Photo after photo,  all the same but really just a little different

Can you see

How I love the Sea



24 thoughts on “Blues and Greens”

    1. 🙂

      I just love having a place to show my photos and hopefully get feedback so I know which ones to place in my online store 🙂
      Love all of the bloggers such as you I follow and all I learn from all of you from yummy items to pretty poems

  1. Lovely verse to match an equally lovely photo! You remind me of how much I love the sea too. So, why am I living in a valley between two mountain ranges? Fodder for another blog I guess. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mine too!

      Thanks man what a powerful day it was in New England after that storm yesterday JT and I walked and walked while he searched for treasure her and I are crippled this morning 😦 I must by some of the joint supplement and her and I can share

      Thanks for stopping by Linda always great to hear from you

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