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Treasure Hunting With JT


Everything is along the high tide mark.  I always check for Sea Glass here




JT looks for her own treasure




Seagull looks for dinner







Someone ate good





33 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting With JT”

    1. PEACE this day and on Sat I found shells and glass too many tears when I was taking these photos to really see the glass when I was adding photos to computer to do this blog I thought I might spot some I had not seen lol

    1. Thanks I just added them raw , head hasn’t been in seeing the beauty for last few days but this morning with freshly fallen snow and the little birds scratching at my door, today will be better.
      Time to smile and take pretty photos and make pretty jewelry.

      1. Today it was hanging at freezing mark with light rain 😦 I did get to go to Yoga party for noon while he and the dog shopped and I went back for a class tonight at 4:30 but roads were a little slick we soon will have bad fog as we have 3″ of snow and torrential downpours they say are on the way but once it stops off to walk the beach again 🙂

        Stay safe

  1. Nice post Eunice. Keep your eyes open you may find some Roman glass or even sherds from old medieval bottles, colour would be brown for these though. Have fun on your next seashore walk.

    1. 🙂 Thanks!

      We got snow yesterday but big coastal storm brewing they say so it will be time for me to hunt for gold and silver RINGS 🙂 and I will leave JT in the truck after a good round of FRISBEE a she was so crippled after last time we played there 😦 got to get the weight off of her that the meds packed on her little frame 😦

      Thanks for stopping by

    1. I will Jess I am shooting for 2 to 3 times a week lol snow, sleet or sunshine 🙂 I love when we have the place to ourselves 🙂

      Sure I can’t send you anything my days are FREE 🙂


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