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Leaving the Bristlecone Pines

Leaving the Bristlecone Pines (Photo credit: brewbooks)

Inspiration comes from many places.  To many times I forget just how much I am inspired by the blogs I read.  Many are penned by those who read, comment on, or like my own posts.  Today I was reminded, simply from reading a post on Living and Loving.  The article was about a single old knurled pine tree found amongst many others. Wise Old Pine talks about a sense of spirit the tree seems to have, and how inspirational it is to the author because of its stalwart existence.  Reading the story, made me think of those ancient old Bristlecone Pines trees I loved so much, back home.

I loved to hike along Windy Ridge above Alma, Co. or High Park, just below the summit of Mount Silverheels above Fairplay, Co.  To meander among these ancient trees you couldn’t help but…

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