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Now you all know me as NUTSFORTREASURE Right?  Some Living and Lovin and others by Eunice

all really one in the same.


You know I have a pretty dog. You know by now I have a cheap camera I take with me EVERYWHERE.


Remember the ocean and wave shots, seagulls too but we go for TREASURE and to prove we find it I want to share a photo of one box of items he has dug while I toss the Frisbee to JT I used to dig while he swung his machine.  I have my own machine and love doing it on a hot summer night leaving the cat and dog home and going out together.  The perfect date in fact a night by the cool sea, music in the background  from a live band a new one each night.


So lets take a peek shall we (lousy photos,  too shiny and lights too bright but you will get the idea)








So as you can see we have fun at our hobby

When we get enough we scrap them for cash and buy a newer car or take a trip out west to AZ for GOLD NUGGETS or we pay the bills up and live stress free.  We find the real good stuff in the brutal depths of winter good thing we are hearty New Englanders.  Would you go out in a blizzard to get to the sea to find these well if so you too are a treasure hunter and NUTSFORTREASURE!

I will try to update photos if the sun ever comes back out or if winds die down so I can do them in natural light there are some real beauties and we already bought 3 different vehicles in a year and a half Gold today is $1600+ an oz.


We have an 2007 Honda Truck  so it is 5 years old but she just has to get us down the road a piece so we can hunt and exercise


Have a Very Merry Christmas





27 thoughts on “BIT OF BLING”

    1. They are by far what we find so many of in so many sizes some with BLING even 😦

      Why do people just not leave their important items at home 😦

      Yes we are in the water for the most part to get lots and during the summer I do great after a hot beach day phone, rings, earrings, bracelets, tons of change(coins)

      I feel the same way about loosing something I TREASURE

  1. Well, I’ll tell you missy – this is amazing! You’ve found 4 clattaugh rings (irish wedding rings – the ones with the two hands holding the hearts) – just curious if you were to sell one, just how much would you ask?????
    Amazing treasures – what a blast!!!

  2. Finding the items is fun, but I find it’s the getting out there, that I enjoy more. Along with the people I meet. I’m going digging for gold in a couple of days, going to take a week, and have some fun. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. What a fascinating hobby you have Eunice! I would not only be “cashing in” on treasure in dollars, but I think I would make up stories about the people behind each piece. 🙂

    1. You know soon you will know my story sort of and somewhere I lost the ability to see anything but what was before me no more dreaming really never dream fantasy never either. I should become a historian 🙂 ONLY THE FACTS 🙂

      I am busy writing 3 different books and sadly will need another to liven them up 🙂


    1. I had a hard time for so long remembering that life doesn’t revolve around money. When job was gone due to wreck I lost me but seems I have found where I really belong 🙂 with all of you


  4. Just got a metal detecter for Christmas (a SURPRISE gift–something I’ve always wanted). I took it out yesterday in the fields. Have lots to learn and can’t wait to hit the beach! (Found your blog by searching metal detecting).

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