The combo of fresh strawberry and banana, with the food from the heavens, chocolate, makes this granola irresistible. My recipe for granola is good, and good for you. Little do people know that the 15-year-old author of is a granola maestro. This is only one of my many killer recipes for granola, which is a food I eat daily, and make every week.

I am a firm believer that dark chocolate is practically a panacea, and probably the best ingredient for desserts. You cover chocolate in something and it will automatically taste good. Even a fish head covered in chocolate may not be so bad.

This granola is best with a really dark chocolate. I suggest at least 70% cocoa. I am a dark, dark chocolate lover, so I go for about

85%. The banana creates beautiful bunches that are slightly soft. The strawberry flavor is unfortunately rather unnoticeable…

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