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Winter Gardens At Home(updated)

JT grabbed her Frisbee and me the camera and we went to walk the property so I could pick up any branches that may have come down it the nasty winds.  You will see there is no snow. Plenty chilly today.  The cat for some reason was running like she was a kitten again she is 12 now.  So I toss the disc over and over while making sure the cat did not leave and head out into the coyote filled woods, all the while capturing parts of our yard before it gets covered in snow, the 2 or 3 in. we had last week melted with warmer temps and torrential rains.  The river is actually at flood stage or 2 in. below today. Time to share our stroll around the yard.



Still Green




Makes me miss Summer




Bird Food





Pretty even after frost and snow





Butterfly Bush






Empty Pods






Oak Leaves















Branches are covered




Ground Cover in Reds and Greens


A rock is covered as well this sits between me and the many graves100_3665

PINE BOUGH100_3661




Empty Seed Heads100_3582



My Neighbors



Playing Hide and Seek






JT is waiting for another toss


25 thoughts on “Winter Gardens At Home(updated)”

    1. Thanks I hate tripods but I should drag one every where I go so they are all crisp lol like our weather here in NH but I usually fly by the seat of my pants. I dropped the camera the night before and it would not turn on it was dented and jammed boyfriend rounded lens area up and I banged it in my palm a few times and bang she came back to life he said I was NOT HELPING MATTERS 🙂 I showed him lol so I took camera out with dog and cat to see if I could still use it I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Merry Christmas from us in NH

  1. So beautiful the colors! How great is that! We’ve nothing but white in view with more to come.
    I hope you are well this Christmas Eve, Eunice, and surrounded by love and warmth.
    hugs to you my friend.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I made a nice rustic apple pie have a small ham ready to warm up tomorrow and if we get sunshine in the afternoon as they promise along the coast we will go walking in the wood 🙂

      Have a wonderful evening and a Beautiful Christmas


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