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Lobster Pot Pie….so good!

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Chicken pot pie and lobster, two of my favorite foods, so why not merge the two and make something special like a lobster pot pie?  My friend Pam makes the best chicken pot pie ever, and I am lucky enough to have her recipe, so that seems a good place to start.  In looking over the ingredients, all will work, but I am going to change the vegetables, eliminating celery and carrots and including corn and potatoes since they traditionally accompany steamed lobster.  Hmmm, maybe add a little dry sherry for extra pizzazz.

Pam’s recipe called for double pie crust which I didn’t have this day and rather than make my own I used puff pastry which happened to be in the freezer.  Since I am a weaver, I couldn’t resist the temptation to cut the pastry sheets into strips and do a simple plain weave top. (Please ignore my mistake if…

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