After a day when we heard our roof crack and ended up with the two of us shoveling off the roof  for 4 hours, then snow blowing  all the snow we had removed,  which was heavier and more than we had thought was up there, I never thought we would see the stroke of midnight.  We were beat. Wrung out as they say. I HATE WINTER and all the added pain it brings.

I was thankful we saved the roof (so far,  the winter just started) and even more thankful we had not spent money on plans to dance and dine the night away,  as we were bent over in pain  OUCH.  So writhing in pain and our belly full  of delicious take out,  we settled in under a warm blanket and watched from the warmth of our home, the ball drop in Times Square.  Miss Dick Clark.  What was is gone,  as is 2012.

Where I would have liked to be is here,  minus the heavy snow load.


Happy New Year Everyone!

2013 Please be kind to our planet.