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The Hawk

The Hawk could be heard today and with all of it’s calling,  all my little critters and birds stayed close to cover, hope they had enough to eat considering how cold it will be tonight.

They were smart enough today to stop from being THE MEAL




Peace & Love




26 thoughts on “The Hawk”

    1. Best if it doesn’t have something it is eating YUCK lol I know they have to eat but they are AGGRESSIVE

      I will go to Newburyport MA with my cute dog and little camera and try to capture the Bald Eagles there on the Merrimack River feeding! Usually can see seals too I must remember to bring the tripod 🙂

  1. Is that a broadwing hawk? We had a young one that couldn’t fly yet that fell out of it’s nest a few years ago. It wandered around the driveway until I called a bird guy and he came and took it away. As far as I know, it was able to be released.
    What a wonderful photo – you sure do have an eye with that camera.
    You rock!

  2. Stunning shot, we actually went to native Australian animal/bird sanctuary today and watched a show, sitting down on wooden seats they let lose hawks, parrots and the biggest eagle I have ever seen (not all at one mind you) They are so well trained and flew over over our heads – very low! It was amazing and this pic made the day!

    1. Thanks they are a site to behold how kismet you went to see them live and I have all kinds here not all so ready to bang on my door chasing the wee ones only to have me stop it in its tracks where you can plainly see he could care less about me. I heard him calling and calling I pray they do not come in droves as do the Doves 🙂

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