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“Beach Art” By JT


18 thoughts on ““Beach Art” By JT”

  1. Oh, Eunice – look at that cutie-pie! I loved seeing JT all hunkered down just awaiting that frisbee toss! Wonderful – I’m so glad I stopped by – and sorry for the absence – one of my key blogging buddies pulled out last week and I’ve been out of sorts every since. I just didn’t see it coming, you know?
    Well, I hope you are well and enjoying this wacky warm weather.
    An extra hug to you!

    1. Hugs coming your Way!

      Glad you are back I have been so busy getting website up with photos for them to chose from and blogging lost my RSS button 😦 and all my favorites I follow I have 3 awards to accept and life is getting in MY WAY 🙂 lol

      I wish JT would hurry up and get DISCOVERED so she can buy her own food 🙂

      1. I love that life is getting in your way! I love hearing your breathless comment full of laughter and joy.

        And a word about famous dogs? They need a lot of pampering, professional grooming and such… then would she be able to frolic on the beach without worrying about getting her coat all dirty?

        Bet you didn’t think of THAT now did you?

        Love back to you-

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