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We Headed In On Foot


10 thoughts on “We Headed In On Foot”

    1. 🙂
      Jt hates the scarp I make a big deal about when typing it on I tell her how pretty and beautiful she is 🙂 then she lets me have my way boots probably not I wanted to get her some but she hates me even trimming her toes 🙂 she allows me to but not a happy girl till I say ALL DONE!

  1. I love that look on JT’s face – how tuned into you she is. I laugh because Maggie just plows ahead, pretending to be deaf. She goes just where she wants to and nowhere else.
    My husband and I were wondering if she had problems with her hearing – then we laughed when we recalled how quickly she comes when a tiny morsel of food plinks into her food dish!
    Silly animals.

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