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Signs Seen While Walking JT


Something about this doorway is intriguing JT

she wants to step inside I think her daddy taking her shopping too

much. Pet stores and the Tractor Store now she thinks

all door lead to a new toy.



Very nice store but JT helped to keep me on track

with weigh-ins on Tuesdays I must have a Apple

and not CANDY.



Another tasty place, if you are in the neighborhood stop in.





Fun store for TOYS that the children will love!




Wonderful drinks can be found just inside the door.

This is a place you must stop in for a snack and a pretty cocktail

or a local beer.





Downtown Exeter NH is always a busy place.




Another section along the block.




Art Classes offered too.




All Day Breakfast  I must try this someday.




Masons Meeting Place





Old buildings line the downtown area.




We are so ornate in these parts  but not to worry we are not unfriendly as some would have you think.

We really are a friendly bunch who call New England home.  Do not let the horns bother you it is how we say











19 thoughts on “Signs Seen While Walking JT”

    1. All our towns in the Northeast are. Then again everywhere I go in my country I do seem to find the best people and coolest things Wish some days everyone could see this place through my eyes.
      OH wait they are NOW lol just thought about that 🙂
      Got to spread the LOVE and Peace make it as contagious as this damn FLU 🙂


    1. Yes they are! I core mine and add a little Brown Sugar and 1/2 tsp and a pinch of Chopped nuts and bake them when I want something SINFUL 🙂

      I am glad you actually saw the towns charm 🙂


      The water, Ducks Etc. are all in the same place from yesterdays blogs 🙂

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