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The NFSPS (National Federation of State Poetry Societies) sponsors 50 poetry contests each year. Each state sponsors its own contest, and we would like to invite you to enter the Ohio contest this year. You do not need to be a member of the NFSPS to enter. Below are the particulars:

Your poem can be on any subject and in any form. There is a 40-line limit. First prize is $50, second prize is $25, and third prize is $15.

I am printing the contest rules verbatim from the NFSPS website. Some will apply to non-members and some will apply to members. Unless you happen to be a member, your attention need only be directed to the rules for non-members to enter the Ohio contest.

Contest Rules:

1. All poems submitted must:

a. be the original work of the contestant, unpublished in any form, including electronically, not placed on exhibition…

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