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A challenge in time for Valentine’s Day —

Enter as many times as you wish!   This is a carryover from a Facebook Virtual Event by Jodi Barnes which you are invited and encouraged to join … either posting here on 20 Lines, or Facebook, or BOTH so that we can all share and gorge ourselves on love.  For the Facebook project, the poems will be distributed on Valentine’s Day to strangers who may be in need of love and poetry.  And you can also do this project similarly where you live.

Here are Jodi’s rules:

Write a 14-word poem (doesn’t need to rhyme or take a specific form). Because “14 words” has a repulsive association with white supremacy, I’m ready to help turn “14 words” into one unifying hopeful piece of love for ONE WORLD, ONE RACE, ONE LOVE. Write 14 words about love–anything related to love, kindness, peace–and post it/them…

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