A Liebster for Rosa…

Letters To Rosa

Well, it’s been all business for this over-loaded brain this week.  Emails have been whizzing back and forth between Lou and I, confirming dates, looking for connections, checking on names and now I have in my hands a full genealogy for my sweet little Rosa.

This is me, blowing out a breath.

I thought I’d finally get some sleep last night. Thought that when my head hit that pillow, I’d finally be able to relax and let go of this excited, tingling sensation that creeps up my spine when I imagine that treasure trove of stories, just waiting to be mined…

– and then a dear, wonderful blogger, “Mom” over at goes and nominates letters to rosa and down the mountain road for a Liebster award!

Wha-what? Come again?

Really, all I needed was just one night without stimulation or excitement or thrilling news…

Okay, I’ll admit it, I…

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2 thoughts on “A Liebster for Rosa…”

    1. 🙂 If you mean I have been missing I have been shoveling and getting ready mentally to go away physically body rest from shoveling

      I re-blogged a few stories to keep my throngs interested 🙂 We will meditate 10 hrs a day starting at 4 AM eat no meat, milk, with my pain I am just trying to get ready 🙂 Today I hear rain for the moment falling I will catch up on my bloggers but I will be shut down for 10+ days thanks for stopping by

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