Well you probably all know by now I have a Portfolio Blog for my photography.  As I pass out my business cards they have the link to that blog printed on them.  My hope some day is to fill a niche out there.  After being online with  my photography and selling some I see what competition is like.  They add weird colors,  do things I have never seen before,  guess I don’t get out much, lol.  I am glad I am there and have met some nice artist’s,  who said we were all dark and moody.  I have been accepted as well as some nice comments like you leave me.
All I want to know is if my pieces are nice to look at even if they are just on a single card.  Isn’t it what we are all about being accepted for us.

So I have been doing some small things to my pieces with hopes of being seen amongst  the 140,000+ others that use that Fine Art America site.  Yes I use TAGS like I learned to here to find you all on my list of beloved bloggers. I have loaded my galleries online with hopes that while I am away I have another sale or two.  Site cost  has been covered so it is all gravy except for the hours it takes to promote one’s self.  So that is where I spend a few hours a day straightening up photos, adding into galleries, entering competitions for fun where others from FAA  and the outside world casts a vote on what they like again 300 to 500 sign up for contests I see it as a rat race as you writer’s and photographers already know.  I am a trucker through and through that I do know how to do.

So today I took a photo from this winter at the beach and added it

lg hampton gull

Then I played with it to give it a different look


In Black and White with funky dark edges

Now I did this all in the name of sales,  giving them choices of an image  and I am sure some like B&W’s but me I love my world in COLOR lots of it but it has been a winter from hell lots of snow and horribly cold like the day I took the photo of this poor gull holding on for dear life. I promised I would get out there and play this winter and in between shoveling JT and I took lots of walks while Daddy was busy finding treasure.


Funny how this all came to be isn’t it I love this winding journey I have been on.  First finding Ron after over 35 years apart then my child then all of you starting just last Memorial Day.


You all are the best I have so many awards from you and more yet to post on I hope to do another post just on them before I head out

So back to the photos which one do you like?  I say I should post only ones I adore and if there is no market I am not out of money as I had sales to cover the $30 year fee.

Love you all