This place online I sell my prints well am trying to sell them Fine Art America is having a contest for images to share on their TV Commercial and they need people to vote.
It is open for our family and friends to vote and I think you can vote on 100 single photos
If you happen to LIKE any of the 3 I chose to enter could you click on vote in the contest for me. I have thousands of photos and so hard for me to get to these 3 put they are ones I use for cards and I personally remember each day as I shot them.
You are free to vote on anyone on FAA but each one that gets 250 votes gets a chance at the powers to be seeing their work so they can get images for commercial.
I will ask FB friends to vote but you all know me better 🙂

Thanks so much if you can you know I already appreciate each and every one of you and do not vote if you dislike photo 🙂