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32,4 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2012 due to natural disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes, according to Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

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Natural disasters uprooted more than 32 million people in 2012

32,4 million people were forced to flee their homes last year due to natural disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes, according to a report released by Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre on May 13, 2013. According to the report, 98% of those uprooted were displaced by climate- and weather-related events. Climate change is believed to play an increasingly significant role in global disasters. 2012 Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that, “disasters associated with climate extremes influence population mobility and relocation, affecting host and origin communities.”

This map shows internal displacement worldwide in 2012 by state and number of displaced people. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW (Credit: NRC/IDMC)

Floods in India and Nigeria were responsible for 41 % of displacement worldwide last year. Monsoon floods in India…

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5 thoughts on “32,4 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2012 due to natural disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes, according to Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre”

  1. What’s happening with the world. I don’t think I have ever heard about so many disasters as there have been over the past 5 years. such as earthquakes and floods. Mother nature is sure fighting back. I feel so sorry for all these people losing everything ! their homes, their belongings, family and friends sometimes their animals. Its devastating. WHAT CAN BE DONE? to fight mother nature.

    1. Sadly I bet this planet was to car for just so many and we may have destroyed all that was perfect about it 😦

      We have 100 year floods every year or every other year 😦

  2. I think the climate has changed, and we are feeling the brunt of that in increased storms, like the flooding of New York in an unprecedented hurricane season. Also, as you say, Eunice, there are more people. More people means more people subject to natural disasters. There is also the fact that we are hearing more about disasters we might not have gotten word of previously, because in today’s world social media is pervasive, and there is always someone around to transmit images and stories by cell phone, and internet, and security cameras, as well as the traditional means of sharing the news. And when we do get news of a natural disaster, it isn’t just news–it is a bombardment of graphic and disheartening photos. But perhaps that is what it takes to help us understand what is happening, and to motivate the rest of the world to pitch in with dollars and aid.

    1. I know we got hit hard over and over here my pretty ocean shots have me with my back to the nasty areas of erosion. 40 homes on one section deemed unsafe. You can not fight Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires animals and people will die daily and I suppose you are right about us now knowing immediately what happens on the other side of the world maybe we were to use technology as a way to help save millions I am not sure it is just too late I hate quitting on life and our world but so many people, so many trees needed for just tissue paper alone, so much land farmed to feed us all I worry for the children of this beautiful planet and wish life for them could be closer to what I had 😦 When in the 70’s I would complain my Mom would say DO SOMETHING and I wondered how now I know I have a voice but still wonder how we can make a change as like you said we all have to be ON BOARD! I will continue to say a little prayer for Earth and be grateful for each day we have.

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