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If you know anyone in GA,USA please plass out the word on this much loved family pet.

Collies Of The Meadow

We are still looking for Dixie!  It is rather heartbreaking and while hope is fading for many we arent quite ready to give up yet.  I still feel someone has her……  lets hope they are good ppl…. keep your eyes open and hopefully she will show up!


Dixie has been missing since December 2, 2012 from Reidsville, Georgia. She went missing off of hwy 121 outside Tison, near Glennville GA. Dixie is a full blooded mahogany Sable Rough Coat Collie girl. She was last seen wearing a pink collar with a heart tag with her name, address and phone number. She is 4 years old and has been spayed. If you have seen her or know of someone with a new dog that looks like Dixie please call Dixie’s mommy at (912) 334-9735 or call Debbie at Glendale Farms (478) 454-5427.
Dixie’s 10 year old little girl misses her…

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8 thoughts on “I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!!”

      1. me too I have friends in GA as well I am sure they have gone to all the vets and posted on missing pets When my great dane was stolen at 8 months I nearly went crazy with worry he was walking the woods trying to find home we never saw him again too much evil intent out there.

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