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MEET THE AUTHOR: Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

“After we got the horses, I moved on to therapeutic horseback riding for special needs children.”

Read the reviews!

Read the reviews!

Invaluable lessons from PIE: An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He is Doing) and author Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo:

There is nothing like seeing the bond of child and horse. These magnificent beasts can be so gentle and protective. The unconditional love and trust they show is unfathomable.” Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

“This is a feel good story about life, second chances and giving back.”  January Magazine

“[Pie} became the most amazing mentor and therapy horse.” The Wall Street Journal

“Writing a story in the first person is not uncommon, but when that first person is a horse, well, I really wasn’t expecting it to actually be entertaining to say the least… What a pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable story this is.” Colleen Bratley

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