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Weekly Photo Chalenge: Companionable/ My Family Members

I thought about what you wrote as you put this challenge out to the rest of us.

I have the best Companion in my man but the 30+ years we were apart I gave so much love to all the animals I shared my life with.

So today I am so very happy he is too and these two reap the benefits!

Dog is always with us and the cat follows us around the yard like a dog!


Rhythm is 12 years old and has learned to stop and smell the Flowers!  After all it is Catnip!

JT Close-up


Now 7 but wise beyond her years.

I could not ask for any better companions

I love them so very much as I am certain they love me too.


Real Love FINALLY!!!!


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Chalenge: Companionable/ My Family Members”

  1. Love your Dog and Cat Eunice, What are their names ? I would not like to be without my friends. One dog named Ben 7yrs and two Budgerigars Sammy and Dixi they are such fun. John my man has just built an aviary where we have Zebra finches and Budgerigars their chattering is so pleasant when we sit in the garden. As you say Eunice they are family How about a pic of you with your pets who obviously adore you as they look so content.

    1. Rhythm is the cats name she had a sister who was Blues but sadly a wild beast of some kind took her 😦

      JT is our female border collie (JessTex) but JT for short.

      I used to breed budgies 🙂 Love the sounds of birds but since 2000 I have had only my outside birds which also fill my home with beautiful sounds 🙂

      I did a post of the many faces of me maybe in early March none are good photos as I am the photographer and still battling my weight issues since the wreck but so much closer to goal!

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