Multi-grain Sourdough Date Bread

OH I miss my BREAD ūüôā


Final   This bread was inspired by my friend I met on The Fresh Loaf website, Khalid.   His beautiful bread was a 100% whole wheat version using yeast while for my version I chose to convert the recipe to sourdough and used three different whole grain flours instead of one.

I decided to use my trusty Krups coffee grinder to make fresh ground flour for the entire recipe and I was quite happy with the results.

I used a 2 step build for the starter mixing Einkorn Ancient Whole Wheat with a Hard White Whole Wheat.

For the main dough I used one of my favorite flours Kamut which is similar to Durum but more wholesome with a stronger wheat flavor.  I also used more of the Hard White Whole Wheat.

The dates are simmered in part of the water used for the main dough and I then chopped them up in the…

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