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Summer Salsa Fresca in Shades of Red and Gold

The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen

I first wrote about salsa fresca around Cinco de Mayo, when it featured local greenhouse tomatoes. I mentioned then that homemade salsa is even better using summer tomatoes. Today’s follow-up article is thus short and sweet, as a picture says a thousand words.

Of course, for the words—and by that, I mean the recipe—you can click here.

Preparing homemade salsa really is a cinch, so if you haven’t yet made it this season, take advantage of brilliant summer tomatoes while you can. Today’s version stars a colorful mix of red cherry (for tradition) and yellow sungold (for awesome). The cilantro, onions, and garlic are local, too.

And don’t forget that far from simply being a vehicle for corn chips, pico de gallo is the perfect accompaniment to a broad range of Tex Mex and Southwestern dishes, many of which are right here on my blog’s recipe page. Think:

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