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Lost In Play Today

While I wait for results on my MRI I decided to play with my Polymer Clay. I will be doing a craft fair locally in November so I better get busy and create.

First batch was done in bright colors








I had my breakfast and did the dishes and swept the floors and before I knew it I was gathering supplies in my nightgown and sat down and began to play.  Creating something colorful and wild again.  It has been awhile since I just sat and played.   Felt good.  I looked up at 1:00 PM and I was still in Nightgown with many pretty items to bake so I can turn them into pieces of jewelry for the sale in November and maybe some for my friend’s store in Newburyport too.


Have an awesome weekend!


Oh wait my cat played with her friends today 🙂




18 thoughts on “Lost In Play Today”

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to get lost in a project like that and lose all sense of time! I haven’t done that in a while… Hope you have a wonderful weekend too Eunice. Seems your turkeys and kitty get on fine together… 😉

    1. Yes so far they stay away from each other though after I woke this morning at 4 I went back to bed and at 6:30 I was woken by a turkey that was talking loudly 🙂 I let cat out at 4 so maybe she scared them 🙂

      I can not believe I was in PJ’s most of the day 🙂 never seem to do that anymore but yes felt good after a moment of guilt 🙂 Have a great weekend we shall have warm temps and some rain then cool for a few days so I will plant some Joe P Weed in case I do need surgery still hoping it is OLD AGE lol

  2. Thank you NFT for this post. Will you be sending us followers pix of your “baked goods”? Enjoyed seeing your booty from treasure hunting about a year ago. Any more of that?
    Your blog provides peace & tranquility for this follower…

    1. Awe you are so kind HUGS

      Yes I will be making these items into wearable art and making more tomorrow in more subdued colors. Yes he has been getting treasure now and then and if I can not find owners we scrap it for cash for gas in the truck to go out again 🙂

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