Mushroom, Leek, Kale & Fresh Herb Lasagne with Béchamel

Seattle Foodshed

We usually have red lasagna, when we have lasagna. But it’s mushroom season and mushrooms are on our mind… hence this dish. This white lasagna – full of fresh herbs and  richly savory mushrooms, kale and leeks – is perfect for a cozy dinner and some leftovers to take for a few days of lunches, to boot.

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4 thoughts on “Mushroom, Leek, Kale & Fresh Herb Lasagne with Béchamel”

    1. ME TOO!!!!

      I am feeling a lot less pain Rita thanks for asking. The shot has taken 80% away and only if I forget and turn arm wrong way (the way from this SLAP TENDON) injury OUCH I am learning how to get around it 🙂 I am catching on faster these days with less blonde highlights in my hair 🙂 you can tell I am able to have fun and not sit with throbbing arm. More than likely he will have to go in and repair but I will hold off as long as possible 🙂


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