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Wire Work


The Earrings above are almost ready to hang on a card and attach ear nuts to


Wire, Hammer and Block wire cutters and wrapping tools


So many ideas


Containers of assorted beads to pick from for just the right combination of color



A nice day to read blogs, play with the pup and make a few pretty things for the Holiday Fair.




29 thoughts on “Wire Work”

      1. We’ll see if I ever get around to it. I used to do a lot of beading with my kids, and really enjoyed doing it. They earned quite a bit of money to travel to Europe with their scout troops by selling their jewelry, but I’ve only taken the beads out a couple of times since then. Maybe I’ll have a jewelry making party and people can make gifts for the holidays.

      1. Maybe, if you charge $100 or more, crazy consumers may buy more. Like they do for designer merchandise. Example: $2500 for a Barney’s purse or $350 for a Barney’s belt.

      2. I understand. But…using the internet you are able to appeal and reach a much larger market far beyond your immediate area. Many people in other areas will pay top dollar for hand made items. Something to think about. Have a good Monday & good luck.

      3. I try to sell a card for .40 cents ontop of what they charge to place my photo on some will always roll in the dough while others like me will have all but money and health πŸ™‚

  1. Ooooh! These are so beautiful. I love the way the stones are on top of the earring instead of the more weighty look on the bottom of the ring. (& Yikes, holiday craft fair already! Where has the year gone?)

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