Current Global Earthquake Map and Chilling Future World Forecast for the “End Times.”

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November 25, 2013–Current Global Earthquake Map: This USGS earthquake maps reflects 411 quakes, over the last 30 days, with a magnitude greater than or equal to 4.5.

The western portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire is the most active; with a substantial number of quakes further west in Asia and the Middle East.

The size of the circles indicates the relative strength of the quakes. The colors show the time sequence; with orange occurring today (Nov-25), yellow this week and white from day 8 to 30.

Off the southeast tip of South America, you can see a series of quakes that occurred close to Antarctica. Not shown is a 7.0 magnitude (M) quake that occurred about three hours ago (Nov-25). This was the latest in a series of quakes that have occurred in the South Atlantic Ocean over the last 13 days; the largest…

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